Credit and Background Search

a. National Criminal Background Search – DATATrue’s™ National Criminal Search provides a database search of more than 226 million criminal records. Records are gathered from multiple law enforcement sources across all 50 states including: state & county criminal record repositories, state sex offender registries, prison, parole and release files from State Dept. of Corrections and proprietary background criminal record information. This is an instant report.

b. Credit Reports – DATATrue™ has two types of credit reports available; a standard report with a FICA score as well as a standard report without a FICA score for use as a back end collection tool with applications in many venues such as but not limited to the subprime industry (RTO, PDL, Title or Signature Loans). The score-less report is a valuable back-end collection tool in that it provides valuable Trade-line, Credit Header, Fraud Alert and Consumer Statement sections with full data such as accompanying business names, addresses, phone numbers and transactions amounts. This is an instant report.

c. Employment Insight Report – Used primarily by HR departments, this service produces valuable information utilized in the hiring process for any company or industry. Powered by Experian this instant report can provide an HR Director or Specialist a look at a potential or existing employees personal data such as address history, AKA’s and SSN verification, previous employer information, trade lines and credit information and credit inquiries

d. MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) – Returns a description of an individual’s driving history including: suspensions, revocations, restrictions, endorsements, accidents and offenses. All states available except AK, CA, PA & WA. Prices vary by state.

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