Founded in 2007, DATATrue™ stands alone in a world of competitors. DATATrue™ created the first front end verification system to identify the potential high risk customer before the sale is completed or a loan/rental application is approved. The founders of DATATrue™ used over 50 years of combined professional experience in the banking, collections, finance and retail industry to develop a system that reduces loss before a loss occurs.

The C.O.O. and Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Jobrack has over 30 years of executive management experience. His 20 years of management experience in the retail/restaurant industries uniquely qualifies Dan to address our customers need for attention to detail and exceptional customer service. In addition, Dan’s 12 years as an executive in the Payday Loan and Collection industry provides our customers with a person who can relate to credit and collection challenges that they face on a daily basis.

The DATATrue™ management team has created systems that enable your company to:

  • Verify the consumer’s Name, Address, Social Security Number, Bank Account and numerous phone numbers in less than 10 seconds
  • Process credit/debit card transactions
  • Choose the right payment processing system to increase revenue and reduce loss (Check 21, Remote Deposit, Automated Recurring Payments, Check Guarantee, Centralized Returns and many other options)
  • Request Consumer and Commercial Credit Reports
  • Request various Employee Background Reports
  • Verify activity and sufficient funds in personal and business checking accounts
  • Skip-Trace and verify consumer and business assets

DATATrue™ business solutions allow for simplicity, speed of service and convenience for each of its customers. Utilizing the DATATrue™ system will give any business the ability to retrieve accurate and up-to-date data on a current or perspective customer, empowering a business to make confident customer decisions while the bottom line grows by reducing loss.


“I love your system and it truly is a time saver. I have decreased my approval time on my applications tremendously. The system really does work and provides the necessary information needed to make my decisions in most cases. I’ve even had a chance to use it for some skip tracing and that was a huge success. So again gentlemen keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure we’ll continue doing great business together.

Leonard Horton, Accounts Manager Wheel Workz/D & L Custom Wheels


“I believe in the system or I would not have subscribed.

Bart Stamper, Premier Rental Purchase



         “Now that I have seen it and understand how much sense it makes it will get plenty of use here.”
Jamie, New Avenues Store Manage


         “We, presently, do most checks on new RTO customers only with Data-True Your on-line access is very straight forward and easy to use.”

Kevin Dorsey, Household Rentals



         “Thank you so much for the training session. Iim looking forward to passing that along to our employees.”

Yessica, Fairway Ventures, Rent USA/Rent-n-Roll


         “We have some great success with getting info. In most cases it has given us a lot of out of state info so we can really do background work on the application.”

Store Manager, Blue Ribbon Rentals

Mission Statement: To Help Businesses and Organizations Make Better Lending and More Secure Financial Decisions By Providing Real-Time Bank Account, Personal and Business Data Verification Before a Loss is Incurred.