Welcome to DATATrue™, the Industry’s Original Front End Verification, Skip-Tracing and Alternative Loss Recovery Services Provider!

Whether you are in the market for a tool to verify your potential and existing customer application information or searching for customers who have defaulted, DATATrue™ has the solutions you are looking for.

DATATrue™ provides its clients with:

  • Front End Information Verification Products
  • Verify Customer Bank Account Status (Open or Closed, Positive Balance, NSF Activity)
  • Back-End Skip-Trace Tools
  • Alternative Resolution – a unique service that provides companies with current and delinquent A/R an alternative to the traditional collect and charge off process of loss recovery
  • Bank Account Pings (pings the customers banking relationship status)
  • Background Check Products (criminal)
  • Verify Personal References
  • …and much more

Answer this simple question to see if DATATrue™ is right for you (list is non-conclusive):

Do I/we:

  • Verify Application Information?
  • Verify Patient Information?
  • Search for Skips?
  • Inquire about Customer Bank Relationships?
  • Run Background Checks (HR Departments, Apartment Complexes, etc.)?
  • Access DMV Reports?

If you answered YES to any of the above examples then DATATrue™
would have significant value to you and your achieving your bottom line!

  • DATATrue™ is a trusted industry leader of providing critical information to help ensure your bottom line profitability. Some things to consider when partnering with DATATrue™:
  • DATATrue™ products require NO START UP FEES!
  • No Term Contracts
  • No minimum Usage Requirements (in most cases)
  • DATATrue™ offers Batch Processing and System Interfacing/Integration
  • Tiered Pricing Structures for Higher Volume Customers
  • Consortium Discounts (if applicable)