Customer Identity Verification

a. Basic DT – The DATATrue™ Basic product allows an end-user to input an existing or potential customer’s contact information, and in less than 30 seconds. DATATrue™ verifies the accuracy of the customer’s, name, address, phone number (cell included), social security number, date of birth, validating the landlords name, address & telephone number as well as the employers name, address & telephone number in addition to the customers bank account status (if the account is open, active, belongs to them and has a positive balance). This is an instant report. View and download further info (file in PDF Format)

b. Bank Ping – This unique product confirms a customer’s bank account status before taking a debit or check. This product is included in the Basic DATATrue™ service, but can also be run ala carte at a significantly discounted rate on active customers without processing or paying for the additional data provided by the full inquiry. An example when to run the AOV separately is on a customer making a payment that a user had already processed the Basic DATATrue™ inquiry on. In that case, the user may only need to ensure that the bank account remains in good standing and hasn’t been closed or otherwise flagged to prevent the payment from processing. This is an instant report. View and download further info (file in PDF Format)

c. SSN Look-Up – This back-end skip-trace tool enables an end-user to input a customer’s name and social security number to retrieve the current and up too seven previous addresses for that person (from most recent to least recent) as well as confirming the person’s correct name/maiden name (if applicable), social security number, D.O.B. and their registered phone number (if they have one in their name). This is an instant report. View and download further info (file in PDF Format)

d. Personal Reference Verification – enables an end-user to enter up to six references for their customer into the system which then verifies that the references’ names and addresses are legitimate, and that the phone numbers provided are registered to those people and not another party or felonious location. This is a premium service in addition to Basic DATATrue™. This is an instant report. View and download further info (file in PDF Format)

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